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In the fiirst few years after the company was founded, Richler focused on regional transportation for the construction materials industry. Gradual expansion into international long-haul transportation commenced in 1976. While this mainly involved products for the construction materials industry at first, other bulk goods such as quartz sand, road salt and foodstuffs were added over time.

Transportation largely focuses on the countries of Austria, Germany and Italy.

Combined rail / road transportation with silo containers commenced in 1989.

Richler has been a neutral trucking partner operating out of all terminals in Austria as well as the Trento and Verona terminals in Italy since 1994.


Data and facts:

  • Founded: 1920
  • Registered office:  6170 Zirl, Industriezone Zirl/Ost-Salzstraße 9
  • Administration:  6020 Innsbruck, Monte-Piano-Str. 9
  • Approximately 25 employees including 19 drivers, 2 mechanics and 4 administrative staff